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Jay Twining


Meet Jay Twining, an accomplished Personal Brand Strategist at Brand Builders Group, a leading personal brand strategy firm recognized as an Inc. 5000 company. With a background as a former video game designer and founder of Automation Implementation, a tech consulting side hustle, Jay brings a unique blend of strategic insight, creative and impactful storytelling, and technical execution to help businesses and personal brands thrive.

Jay’s illustrious career began in the video game industry, where he designed and published Spiderman 3 and two Marvel titles. His work at Activision Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment, and multiple game startups which led him to collaborate with industry giants such as Kevin Siembieda, Seth MacFarlane, and R.A. Salvatore. Throughout his career, Jay has demonstrated exceptional business development skills, product positioning, and management, playing a vital role in scaling multiple businesses to 6 and 7-figure success.

Jay has helped over 400 entrepreneurs, including coaches, speakers, bestselling authors, global brands, and charities. His portfolio is impressively diverse, having worked with NYT best-selling authors, top 1% real estate teams, 9-figure entrepreneurs, and elected state officials. Jay’s marketing strategies and brand development campaigns have consistently yielded significant revenue and brand awareness increases.

Jay is a champion of established brands and emerging talent, facilitating multiple 5-figure launches, company mergers, and early talent hiring. He has also provided valuable consultation services to tech and cybersecurity startups, driving growth, partnerships, and innovation.

Besides his business ventures, Jay hosts the Feel Good Fatherhood podcast, promoting meaningful conversations about fatherhood, legacy, and personal growth. His commitment to fostering positive and aligned living has resonated with a broad audience, further solidifying his influence in the personal branding sector.

As a personal brand strategist, Jay offers invaluable support to founders, solopreneurs, service providers, and licensed professionals. His services range from enhancing brand awareness and automating business processes to devising and implementing effective marketing campaigns. Jay aims to help individuals increase their impact, realize their dreams, clarify their message, and align it all with a stellar brand strategy.

When not working, Jay loves spending time with his wildly intelligent wife, expressively creative daughter, firecracker toddler, and Luna, his Italian water dog. You can find him diving into philosophy, podcasting, AI, gaming, mythology, and men’s style.

If you want to take your personal brand and business success to new heights, Jay Twining has the experience, expertise, and vision to make it happen.

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Only 3% of speakers, authors, and influencers make enough money to do it as a full time living.


It's easy to get lost in the crowd

Do you have a message you feel compelled to share with the world?

Do you feel called to make a difference?

Do you know that you're capable of doing more and making more?

For most, passion and desire is not the problem, it’s a lack of knowing what to do, where to start and how not to waste valuable time and resources in the process. The challenge is that there’s a lot of noise, a lot of competition and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

AND we want to HELP.

Here are some common struggles we hear from personal brands:

We have studied, researched, analyzed and personally tested a series of actionable steps that successful personal brands follow to make their mission become a reality. 

We know what it takes and we know how to help you.

Our personal brand strategy systems and methodology are specifically designed to help people just like you uncover what problem they solve, get clear on their message and build and monetize their personal brand.

... and put it to work

Let Brand Builders Group Help You:


Celebrity, CEO or Just Getting Started

OUR CLIENTS SHARE one common challenge – DILUTED FOCUS.

Brand Builders Group works with those just getting started with an idea and a big dream to well-known personalities and established personal brands. Because of the large variety in our community and the unique perspective from both sides we have realized there is both a consistent set of struggles and a consistent set of best practices that personal bands can follow to break through and rise above the noise.


If you think you might be interested, but aren't totally sure yet, listen to what some of our past clients have to say...


Why do people like Kevin Harrington, Lewis Howes, Julie Solomon or Anton Gunn need help developing and growing their personal brands?

And, the answer is the same for you as it is for them.


You have a hard time finding your niche and uncovering your uniqueness in an ever growing and crowded market.


You undervalue the incredible things you've accomplished, and you are not quite clear on what problem you solve and what makes your message stand out.


You are unsure of how to turn your personal brand into a thriving business.

That is why you need to request a free call with Brand Builders Group!

request your

There is no better time, than right now, to start building your personal brand.

On our call we will help you get started with a plan to start realizing your goals and dreams while removing some obstacles that stand in the way. We will also help you determine the best next steps for you to take based on your short term and long term goals. If you are ready to start building, growing and monetizing your personal brand then click below and start the process of requesting your free personal brand strategy call.

Create More Influence
Grow Your Impact
Increase Your Income

We believe that the calling you feel on your heart to get your message out into the world is being sent as a signal from someone else out there who needs you.

We believe that every person has a story and a message and that it matters to be shared because there are certain people who will only be able to hear that message from you. We know what it feels like to have that calling and we’ve spent our careers learning how to listen it and follow it and make a wonderful income and lifestyle doing it. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping other “mission-driven messengers” to experience the same success, prosperity and impact that we have.


Brand Builders Group is a personal brand strategy firm that helps speakers, authors, influencers, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and grow their revenue.

Our methodologies, frameworks, and teachings are based on our personal track record of releasing New York Times bestselling books, giving viral TED talks, building 8-figure businesses, amassing millions of online followers, hosting top-ranked podcasts, and creating Hall of Fame Keynote Speakers. Our insights have been featured by Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc, SUCCESS, CNN, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  We are uniquely positioned to support personal brands with both world-class strategy and execution ready monetization plans. 


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